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Founded in 1990, Louise Bédard Danse is directed by choreographer and dancer Louise Bédard. The company’s offices and studios are located within the Jean-Pierre-Perreault building of Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique, at 2022 Sherbrooke Street East, in Montreal. The company is both a non-profit and registered charitable organization.

(…) to develop quality work, centered on the human experience, with the creative input of talented artists and collaborators, mindful of our core values: respect, honesty and cooperation.

The company’s primary mandate is the creation and production of original works of contemporary dance, mainly those of our choreographer and artistic director Louise Bédard. We aim to develop quality work, centered on the human experience, with the creative input of talented artists and collaborators, mindful of our core values: respect, honesty and cooperation. Louise Bédard Danse is committed to artistic research, in the context of our own dance productions, through commissioned work, various other artistic collaborations and even teaching activities. We encourage interactions between different generations by opening up to a diversity of collaborators and through the mentoring of younger artists and cultural workers. The company is strongly engaged in outreach, in increasing the impact of dance and in facilitating the population’s access to arts in general, through various educational activities that stimulate sustainable exchanges with audiences and within our community.

Over the years, the company has established its reputation by the quality and professionalism of its productions. Led by a choreographer who constantly questions and renews her art and backed by an audacious and committed staff, Louise Bédard Danse is constantly in search of alternate ways to present dance, to reach out to new audiences and maintain a constant dialogue with the public. From its beginnings, the company has toured throughout, Québec and Canada, across Europe, in the United States, and in Mexico while also performing in various festivals throughout the world.

Louise Bédard Danse has also partnered in a number of coproductions and has taken part in a dozen artistic residency programs in Canada and abroad. In parallel to our dance productions, the company has often promoted the work of artists that have been an inspiration to Louise Bédard’s choreography. We were instrumental in organizing the exhibitions Tina Modotti photographies 1924-1929 and Collages Hannah Höch 1889-1978, two artists whose works bear a direct relation to the choreographer’s creative process. Louise Bédard Danse also collaborated on the exhibition of photographs by Angelo Barsetti, a long-time collaborator of the company. These efforts are all demonstrations of a desire to provide the general public with keys to understand and appreciate contemporary dance while using original and accessible methods.

  • Marie Lamoureux, President 
— Advisor, Public Relations 
Partenariat du Quartier des spectacles
  • Mario Côté, Vice-President 
— Artist and professor — l’École des arts visuels et médiatiques 
  • Camille Rousseau-Dufresne, Secretary-Treasurer  — University recruitment coordinator — Deloitte titres professionnels : CPA, CA, CRHA
  • Tanya Abelhauser-Gosselin, Administrator — Communications and marketing manager — Metrio
  • Louise Bédard, Administrator 
— Artistic Director and Choreographer 
— Louise Bédard Danse
  • Étienne Boaknin, Administrator — Projets spéciaux — SNC Lavallin
  • Lucie Bureau, Administrator — Administrative director — Regroupement des centres d’artistes autogérés du Québec


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You can help Louise Bédard Danse fulfill its mandate of giving people access to original and quality contemporary dance works by donating by CanadaHelps. The company is a registered charity organization.

All revenues received are allocated to the creation fund of Louise Bédard Danse.


Louise Bédard Danse is a member of Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique, an organization committed to the development of contemporary dance. As such, it is part of a unique artistic and organizational research and exploration centre open to the whole community. In return for its financial contribution and involvement in the management of the choreographic centre, Louise Bédard Danse benefits from a constructive and stimulating working environment.

The company is also a member of the Regroupement québécois de la danse — a non-profit association representing all areas of professional dance in Quebec and involved in professional development, mobilization, advocacy and the promotion of dance on the national and international stage.


Circuit-est centre chorégraphique 

Regroupement québécois de la danse

Photo > Marie Claire Forté, Sarah Williams, Ken Roy, Tom Casey, Jean-François Déziel / credit: George Krump