Ce qu’il en reste (What Remains)



What Remains

This imposing yet highly entertaining dance opus forms the second part of the creative cycle entitled Itinéraire multiple in which the choreographer explores the worlds of women artists from other cultures. Following upon Elles, which was inspired by Tina Modotti and Mexico in the 1920s, Ce qu’il en reste is based on the life of Hannah Höch, an artist renowned for her photomontages and recognized as one of the first German Dadaists.

With the collaboration of multidisciplinary artist Jonathan Inksetter, videographer David Fafard and lighting designer Bruno Rafie, Louise Bédard created a set formed by immense screen displays that literally split up the space and capture light; on these, various moving figures are projected by video. The bodies of the dancers, alternately united and fragmented, like successive layers of characters who have been cut up and reassembled, alternately move through, reveal, and were acted upon by this composite universe — a veritable human collage that moves back and forth between solitude and synthesis, love and laughter, and the relationship with the other and the self.

Music by Michel F. Côté and Diane Labrosse, which they performed on stage, accompanied the dancers. Denis Lavoie’s costumes and Angelo Barsetti’s makeup and photography were also central to the work.

While Ce qu’il en reste was being developed, Louise Bédard Danse worked in association with the German Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (IFA) and the Goethe Institute in Montréal to bring an exhibition of 31 works by Hannah Höch from Germany to the Maison de la Culture Côte-des-Neiges. From October 13 to November 20, 2005 this exhibition also showcased works — assembled by curator Lucie Bureau — by some of our own artists who each have their own way of exploring photomontage and collage using a variety of media. Some of Louise Bédard’s own collages on paper were also displayed at the Maison de la Culture and in the foyer of Usine C. More information about the exhibit

Ce qu’il en reste, a production by Louise Bédard Danse, was created during residences at Usine C (Montréal), the Fondation Jean-Pierre-Perreault (Montréal) and the PACT Zollverein Choreographic Centre (Essen, Germany). Le Groupe Dance Lab (Ottawa) and the Goethe Institute in Montréal also contributed to the work.

This production premiered on October 25, 2005, at Usine C, in Montreal.


A remarkable show (…) there are six dancers who are absolutely fantastic (…) two musicians on stage, Michael F. Côté and Diane Labrosse who are absolutely stunning (…) in perfect osmosis with the dancers (…) It is a pleasure! “

Isabelle Poulin - CBC

A large collage in front of the Eternity that human life is (…) one hour of pure pleasure (…) “

Aline Apostolska – La Presse

(…) Undeniable qualities: an unbridled imagination, the great generosity of the dancers (…) “

Frédérique Doyon — Le Devoir



Ce qu'il en reste - Affiche 2005 - Louise Bédard Danse


Artistic Direction and Choreography

Louise Bédard

Artistic Advisor and Rehearsal Director

Christine Charles


Jonathan Inksetter

Lighting design

Bruno Rafie


David Fafard


Michel F. Côté
Diane Labrosse


Denis Lavoie


Angelo Barsetti

Original Dancers

Jean-François Déziel
Lea Helmstädter
Anne Le Beau
Michael Trent
Daniel Villeneuve


Catherine Castonguay
Pierre-Marc Ouelette

Other Dancers (reprise)

Catherine Castonguay
AnneBruce Falconer
Ken Roy
Sonya Stefan

Photo 1 > Jean-François Déziel, Anne Le Beau, Ken Roy (Halifax, 2008) / credit: George Krump

Photo 2 > Daniel Villeneuve, AnneBruce Falconer, Jean-François Déziel, Sonya Stefan (Halifax, 2008) / credit: George Krump

Photo 3 > Daniel Villeneuve, AnneBruce Falconer, Sonya Stefan, Ken Roy, Jean-François Déziel (Halifax, 2008) / credit: George Krump

Photo 4 > Sonya Stefan, Daniel Villeneuve, Ken Roy, Anne Le Beau (Halifax, 2008) / credit: George Krump

Photo 5 > Sonya Stefan, Daniel Villeneuve et Jean-François Déziel, AnneBruce Falconer (Halifax, 2008) / credit: George Krump

Photo 6 > Daniel Villeneuve, Ken Roy, Jean-François Déziel (Halifax, 2008) / credit: George Krump

Poster > Anne Le Beau, Daniel Villeneuve, Louise Bédard / photomontage: Angelo Barsetti and Louise Bédard / graphic design: Folio et Garetti